Operating System is the foundation of computer software. The system kernel is the core of the operating system. A good kernel is the foundation of everything.

Currently, the most widely used terminals in the world almost all run on the operating system based on the Linux kernel. Similar systems include android, ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian and so on.

Most of the people who end up serving the terminal don't know or need to know much about the operating system kernel. But a stable usable kernel is the guarantee they the users, who account for almost all the world's population, will work properly.

I have little knowledge, but has been keen on computer related technology since childhood. So i started putting together this document, and I'll stick with it. Under the current structure (Operation system Core) i will organize the knowledge, experiments, materials, examples and my understanding of the operating system kernel, with the goal of one day achieving an efficient and usable system kernel.


ucore os labs was used as OS Experiments in OS Course Of Dept. of Computer Science & Technology, Tsinghua University.